What does SCUFFY stand for and what does it do?

SCUFFY stands for Shelby County United Fund for You. SCUFFY conducts a financial campaign once a year for the support of thirteen social service agencies that serve Shelby County.

Who do SCUFFY agencies serve?

Our thirteen agencies serve ALL Shelby county citizens from every walk of life and various income levels. You, or someone you know, has probably participated in programs and benefited from one of our SCUFFY agencies.

Who runs SCUFFY?

SCUFFY is run by local volunteers who belong to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of fifteen individuals who live in the community and who care about the people here. Volunteers, people like you, help organize and conduct the annual campaign, serve on committees, and determine policies. In addition, SCUFFY has two paid employees, the Executive Director and the Office Manager.

How do I help by giving to SCUFFY?

Through your gift, SCUFFY provides funding to its member agencies for a variety of services in youth activities, health care, services and programs for our Shelby county seniors, domestic violence assistance, emergency assistance, as well as many other family, adult and child related programs. These organizations are continuously responding to meet current and emerging needs in our community. Your gift allows the agencies to both continue and expand their services, improving the quality of life for everyone in Shelby County.

How much of my gift is used to help people?

Of every dollar collected, approximately eighty-five cents goes to the agencies and their services in Shelby County.

Who decides how much is allocated to each agency?

The volunteer Board of Directors and the Executive Director work closely with all of our SCUFFY agencies. Each year they determine how much each agency will receive based on what services are needed and how many people need them as well as inflationary costs and the proposed campaign goal.

Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax deductible.

My employer does not conduct an employee campaign because the employees have modest salaries and are not interested (or, I do not contribute to SCUFFY because the amount I can give is too little to make a difference). Why should someone in that situation contribute to SCUFFY?

NO amount is too little! We also find that when people have an opportunity to learn about SCUFFY, they respond, and usually very generously, no matter how much or how little they make. SCUFFY enjoys tremendous regard in our community, and the annual campaign is an opportunity to give individuals and businesses some information and a chance to make a decision to participate in something that is very important to our community. Even a very small donation, when multiplied by many people making it, adds up and makes a difference in SCUFFY’s ability to fund its member agencies.

Does SCUFFY pay dues to the United Way of America?

No. SCUFFY does not belong to the United Way of America or any outside governing body.

I work outside of Shelby County and my employer is participating in a fund drive this fall for the local united way or united fund. Can I designate all or a portion of my contribution to go to SCUFFY?

If your employer is conducting a United Way/United Fund campaign, you should be able to request that some or all of your contribution be forwarded to SCUFFY. If your pledge card does not have a place for a donor choice or designation, ask your employer or the local united way or united fund how to designate your contribution.